A Black and White Story

I spoke with co-founder Anoopreet Rehncy about her streetwear line, A Black and White Story. I have been rocking my Black and White Story "Posh raised on champagne" sweatshirt.

MR: Would you call Black and White Story a street wear brand?

We like to use the phrase “sophisticated streetwear”. Our bespoke fabrics, design and shapes are so versatile that you can dress up the pieces for dinner or bar; and at the same time dress them down for brunch or the gym.

MR: How are truth and the clothes we wear related?

Clothes should be an expression of one’s own truth. We encourage questioning who you are and to not be afraid of expressing it through what you wear. Too often, people copy what’s reported to be “on trend” and if you look at yourself, there’s plenty of inspiration in your character alone… embrace it!

MR: What is Black and White Story's message? 

Bip and I are both ex-investment bankers. We quit our careers, driven by the desire to live in a more straightforward and uncomplicated world, away from man-made hurdles and inescapable office politics. We questioned “why can’t the world be black and white?” and what better way to express this concept through fashion. No matter what race, religion, belief, age or sexuality, we champion living in a black and white world, where diversity and truth reign, hence why our clothes are all black and white.

MR: What kind of response are you getting from your customers?

I love that our customers send us feedback and emails on their own accord. From comments about the quality and softness of our bespoke fabrics to the personal touches that we put in our parcels, it’s so rewarding to receive in all languages of the world. Of course, we do have to Google Translate often! There was so much worldwide hype just a few months after we launched when Beyonce wore our Queen Bee sweatshirt. Since then we have only been strengthening our following. Everyone’s always interested when a new design pops up. There’s a lot of demand for just our logo now.

MR: Which one do you wear?

I wear a different design every day, depending on my mood! Today I’m wearing my “Heroine: highly addictive female” sweatshirt with black leather pants and a dark berry lip shade… feeling a bit sassy!

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Cora Lanell Q&A

Cora Lanell Jean Jacket

Cora Lanell Q&A

1. What is your process? Do you look for Levi jackets and paint them? 

I'm very fortunate to have a relationship with Top Vintage located in Houston, who I choose to buy from due to the authenticity. Levi vintage is what I use. I buy these jackets by the pound as soon as they come in. I'm very thankful for the relationship I have with them, and also for all of their support for Cora Lanell! 

2. How did you come up with this design concept?

Cora Lanell as a brand is way more than denim jackets. My vision was never just painting, spray painting, and putting words on denim jackets. My design concept comes from my personal slogan for Cora Lanell, "embracing the difference". From a designers point of view, I see every person (buyer) differently. I only create something that's personal. The jackets are not only created, cut, stained, reinvented and worn for style, but they're also created for depth, feeling and means-- something for each individual.  

3. What kind of quotes inspire you? Do you have a favorite quote?

Many quotes, even my own, inspire me. I really enjoy quotes by Atticus, C.S. Lewis, and R.M. Drake. I have had many writers reach out to me to use "hits home" phrases on my jackets. 

4. Where do you live? 

I currently live in LA but was born and raised in Houston, where Cora Lanell started. 

5. What kind of girls wear your jackets?

I custom fit and design jackets for all ages and genders. It's not necessarily an age but the style. The custom artwork seen fit for that specific person is what I focus on, on each jacket in detail. Overall, I want the jacket and design to be and feel personal. It should be a personal. experience for the buyer.

6. Your personal favorite brands and designers?

Jerry Lorenzo, the designer of Fear of God and Ronnie Fieg, designer of KITH

Tell me your brand mission.

I want my brand to bring the consumer in, and allow them to make it feel like their own. We can all go buy the same custom jackets, multiples made of the same, but mine are never alike. Each one I make is unlike any another. Therefore it creates a one of a kind for the buyer. It is theirs and no one else's, created by me. 

Where can my followers purchase your designs?

My website is www.coralanell.com. My jackets are also sold in Houston at Merchant and Market.